2023 Webinar Series [PDF]

January 2023:
Dr. Jeremy Walston – Overview of JH AITC and Addressing Health Span


February 2023:
Dr. Rama Chellappa – Design of Adaptive Fair and Robust AI Systems


March 2023:
Dr. Najim Dehak – Biosignal-based Digital Biomarkers for Aging


April 2023:
Dr. Sato Ashida – Community Engaged Research to Support Healthy Aging


May 2023:
Dr. Dina Katabi – AI-Enabled Markers of Parkinson’s Disease and More

Michael M. Ossoff Visiting Lectureship in Memory Disorders and Alzheimer's Disease. Dina Katabi, Ph.D. Thuan and Nicole Pham Professor, MIT. MacArthur Fellow. Leader of NETMIT Research Group. Director of the MIT Center for Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing. AI-Enabled Markers of Parkinson's Disease and More. Image of Dina Katabi sitting in a workshop.


June 2023:
Dr. Mathias Unberath – Artificial Intelligence – What It Is and Why You Should Care


July 2023:
Dr. Phillip Phan – Pitching Your Venture


August 2023:
Dr. Christopher Chute – Data Sharing Vision


September 2023:
Dr. Phillip Phan – Revenue and Reimbursement Strategies

Dr. Phillip Phan – Networking and Mentoring Core Stakeholder Council Presentation


October 2023:
Dr. Mathias Unberath and Dr. Alicia Arbaje – Ask a Clinician / Ask an Engineer: AI and Technology for Healthy Aging

Dr. Peter Abadir and Dr. Rama Chellappa – Bringing Good Things to Life for Seniors: A Geriatrician’s and AI Researcher’s Attempts at Standing CircuitsJohns Hopkins Medicine, Department of Medicine, Research Rounds.


November 2023:
Dr. Phillip Phan and Dr. Suchi Saria – Navigating the AI Research-to-Startup Journey