Administrative Core

The Administrative Core (AC) will provide the vision, leadership and management functions of the AITC. It will help to assure that the resulting developments are moved into products that improve the health and well-being of older adults.

Center Leadership:

Peter M. Abadir, MD

Co-Principal Investigator

Alexis Battle, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator

Rama Chellappa, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator

Jeremy D. Walston, MD

Co-Principal Investigator, JH AITC

Core Activities:

  • Provide the interdisciplinary leadership and governance structure necessary to stimulate and sustain the development, refinement, and adaptation of innovative AI and technology products that improve health and well-being of older adults. 
  • Lead, administer, organize and govern the AITC, including providing logistical support, assuring productivity,  integration across cores, and quality assurance of all aspects of this program. 
  • Facilitate the identification of crucial new AI and technology approaches from across the country and implement an annual national competition for pilot awards.
  • Prepare data safety monitoring documentation, relevant public data sharing, and contributions to Living Textbook. 
  • Organize and conduct scientific sessions at Johns Hopkins and across the US that will propel AITC science and product development relevant to older adults.