Workshops & Webinars

Beyond the Hype: AI in Health Care

O'Mara Taylor and Rodrigo Lodeiro — May 2024

The Future of Health Care and Supportive Technology

Bryan Adler — April 2024

The Promise of AI and Technology to Improve Quality of Life and Care for Older Adults

Peter Abadir — April 2024

Elements of a Commercialization Plan: A Primer

Phillip Phan — April 2024

The Opportunities and Challenges of Large Language Models in Medicine

Mark Dredze — March 2024

Human Subjects Research 101

Jackie Langdon — February 2024

Decoding the Impact of Rogue Angiotensin System on Deteriorating Mitochondria: A Biological Pathway to Physical and Cognitive Decline in Aging

Dr. Peter Abadir — January 2024

Navigating the AI Research-to-Startup Journey

Dr. Phillip Phan and Dr. Suchi Saria — November 2023

Bringing Good Things to Life for Seniors: A Geriatrician’s and AI Researcher’s Attempts at Standing Circuits

Dr. Peter Abadir and Dr. Rama Chellappa — October 2023

Ask a Clinician / Ask an Engineer: AI and Technology for Healthy Aging

Dr. Mathias Unberath and Dr. Alicia Arbaje — October 2023

Networking and Mentoring Core Stakeholder Council Presentation

Dr. Phillip Phan — September 2023

Revenue and Reimbursement Strategies

Dr. Phillip Phan — September 2023

Data Sharing Vision

Dr. Christopher Chute — August 2023

Pitching Your Venture

Dr. Phillip Phan — July 2023

Artificial Intelligence – What It Is and Why You Should Care

Dr. Mathias Unberath — June 2023

AI-Enabled Markers of Parkinson’s Disease and More

Dr. Dina Katabi — May 2023

Community Engaged Research to Support Healthy Aging

Dr. Sato Ashida — April 2023

Biosignal-Based Digital Biomarkers for Aging

Dr. Najim Dehak — March 2023

Design of Adaptive Fair and Robust AI Systems

Dr. Rama Chellappa — February 2023

Overview of JH AITC and Addressing Health Span

Dr. Jeremy Walston — January 2023