The goal of Pilot Core for Aging (PCB) is to utilize a multidisciplinary collaborative approach to identify, develop, refine, and disseminate promising technologies that have high potential to improve the health and wellbeing of older Americans and/or their caregivers, with an emphasis on those that can mitigate current disparities in access and delivery of health care in rural and urban areas across the US.

Core Leadership:

Jeremy D. Walston, MD

Jeremy D. Walston, MD

Co-Principal Investigator
Administrative Core Pilot Core B Access to Underserved Populations of Older Adults JHU University-Wide Resources
Suchi Saria, PhD

Suchi Saria, PhD

Co-Director, Pilot B (Geriatrics)
Pilot Core B Core Leaders Engineering Resources

Core Activities:

  • To identify and fund innovative AI and machine learning-supported technologies that promise to improve the health and well-being of older adults through an annual pilot award process.
  • To ensure pilot projects are well-designed, timely and rigorous by providing intellectual leadership, oversight, and access to all AITC core resources.
  • To assist in the further development and translation of completed pilot projects into products that will benefit older adults and/or their caregivers.
  • To expand the expertise and network of funded investigators focused on aging relevant AI technologies.