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Engineering Innovations to Change Aging

Jeremy D. Walston, MD“Many older adults accumulate health problems and have functional and cognitive declines that impact their ability to stay in their own homes and enjoy meaningful social interactions. This new enterprise is attempting to disrupt these problems in ways that will lengthen the years that people have to enjoy independent, highly functional lives, free of cognitive impairment.”

– Jeremy D. Walston, MD


2 recent published articles led by Dr. Nancy Schoenborn

Drs. Nancy Schoenborn, Cynthia Boyd, and Craig Pollack had two recent publications from their national survey of physicians on decision-making in cancer screening of older adults. The project published in JAMA Network Open examined the effect of presenting different types of health information about the patient. They found that patient’s cancer risk in remaining lifetime and […]

Nancy Schoenborn, MD, MHS